Notes from Vivian’s presentation:

  • CRV has been around 50 years and is on fund 19.
  • They are generalists that invest in Europe, LATAM, all corners of the world. They have $12B in value creation, 78 IPOs, and many exits
  • Vivian was early product @Uber.
  • CRV has a small investment team compared to other firms of their size.
  • They invest with very high conviction and are founder first.
  • Showed a market map of hype vs. enduring businesses.
  • User adoption in AI has been faster than ever.
    • It’s not atypical for a company to reach millions of users and double digit millions of revenue in the first year.
  • Advice for founders: be clever with you GTM and SEO.
  • 3 things in the application layer that allow startups to be defendable:
    • Build your own model
    • Research the market.
      • It’s hard for VCs to be excited about the 10th AI copywriting tool they’ve seen this week.
      • VCs are always creating market maps. Founders can find them and use them to research competitors. Also, research the market through Hacker news, reddit, etc.
    • Build stickiness with your customer.
      • pro-sumer churn is fast for easy-to-build AI products.


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