Cherilynn Castleman, a sales executive with over 30 years of experience, wants to empower women to reach their goals by teaching them financial fluency, executive mindset, and executive presence. She believes that these skills are essential for women to get ahead in their careers and sit at the "table of their dreams," which could be a leadership role, a sales leadership role, the C-suite, or their own entrepreneurial table.

How to develop these skills?

  • Immerse yourself in your clients and potential clients by reading their 10Ks (financial documents) and proxy statements. 
    • When reading 10k’s, look for the following “ALARMS” to identify potential areas of concern or opportunity:
      • A: Auditor's disagreements
      • L: Legal proceedings
      • A: Auditor's report
      • R: Risk factors
      • M: Management discussions
      • S: Statements (financial statements)
  • Raise your hand for assignments that allow you to manage a P&L, such as running an ERG or a special initiative.
  • Ask your manager for opportunities to learn more about finance, such as sitting on a finance committee.

Other advice from Cherilynn:

  • There are a number of resources available to help women develop their financial fluency. These include online courses, coaching programs, and mentorship opportunities.
  • Companies benefit from having diverse sales teams. Diverse teams tend to be more creative, innovative, and successful.
  • There are a number of things that leaders can do to create a more inclusive environment for women and underrepresented minorities. These include appreciating and valuing people, inspiring them, and seeing them for their potential.

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