Notes from Kanu’s presentation:

  • Khosla is a multi-stage fund with $15B AUM. Their sweet spot is coming in early - seed or series A stage. They invest in a broad range of industries, including deep tech. They make big, ambitious bets.
  • Khosla wrote one of OpenAI’s largest early funding checks for $15M in late 2018.
  • Khosla was one of the earliest investors in Impossible Foods. More than ten years ago, Khosla helped them incubate the idea while almost no VCs were investing in food tech.
  • Kanu’s PHD is in hardware acceleration. NVIDIA & Intel were her PHD sponsors.
  • Khosla’s AI investing thesis is separated into automating tasks and AI applications
  • They want to anticipate where the puck is going, anticipating what ChatGPT5’s capabilities will be.
  • They’re very aggressive in the robotics space. Hardware, compute, and efficiency is increasing. Khosla’s focus for robotics is solving an end to end problems.
  • Kanu spoke about moats - anything that gives you a unique advantage over your competitors. Can your startup become a billion dollar company? Is there virality?


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