Notes from Techstars’ presentation:

  • Techstars was founded in 2006. “We believe entrepreneurs can change the world.”
  • One of the resources they offer is the entrepreneur’s toolkit. They also have bootcamps (pre-accelerators) and accelerators. Their 57 accelerators around the world have 12 companies and take about 13 weeks.
  • They’ve had 21 portfolio companies valued at $1B and up.
  • Jessica is pipeline manager. Neal is an MD who has run 9 programs.
  • Working with mentors is their bread and butter. They have a large network and were one of the original accelerators in 2007.
  • When looking at founders, it’s all about who you are and your team.
  • John Hill shared about how to use relational capital to find investors in your network on LinkedIn. He believes in quality networks, not quantity. It’s not just about who you know, it’s about who they know (2nd connections on LinkedIn, filtered by industry).


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