Notes from Eugenio's presentation:

  • VCs sell money, and not all money has the same cost.
  • Plug and Play has huge contacts in their global network, including regulators, investors, universities, governments, big fintech companies, banks, etc. They have extensive subject matter expert teams.
  • Problems are global, solutions are local.
  • They did 247 deals last year and they don’t take board seats.
  • There are many VC firms out there today. In a way there’s almost too much money.
  • Founders should understand what each VC brings. One thing that differentiates Plug and Play is their platform.
  • Even if VC’s don’t invest, they can add value.
  • Plug and Play can help put MVPs in front of corporate partners.
  • A startup’s metrics are important but they’re not everything. What’s important are metrics that lead to clear signals.

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