Notes from Clayton’s presentation:

  • 500 Global is a powerful VC firm with $2.7B assets under management, 3,000 portfolio companies, and 5,000 founders in their network across 82 countries.
  • They have had 50 unicorn portfolio companies and 160 companies valued north of $100M
  • They have an office in Paolo Alto that Clayton encouraged founders to stop by.
  • They’re looking for next generation tech stacks.
  • They used to focus on pre-seed and seed stage, but are expanding with many strategies, including an accelerator and SPVs to do later funding.
  • They work closely with their startups, like Talkdesk, which was founded in 2011 and joined the 500 Global accelerator in 2012.
  • Their accelerator is 4 months long, and includes one on one mentorship with a growth coach. Their investment team gives bespoke help.
  • Advice for founders who are fundraising:
    • Describe, in narrative form, the value creation of your product - the dollars and cents of it.
    • Look for blue oceans (low competition) vs. red oceans (Clayton gives the example of the 50th copywriting tool he’s seen this month that’s using AI to leverage business data.
    • If your project is on the website “There’s an AI for that,” your ICP is probably already being targeted


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