Notes from Bianca’s presentation:

  • AIX invests at the pre-seed and seed stages.
  • Richard Socher is one of the founding partners of AIX ventures. He’s the world’s #3 most cited MLP researcher, founder of, and former Salesforce chief scientist.
  • $3B was invested in GenAI startups in 2022. In 2023 so far it’s been $14B.
  • AIX thinks there will be thousands of vertical AI applications. They think every knoweldge worker will be augmented by AI.
  • There’s still massive opportunities in the future of work, customer service, and product R&D.
  • A note on AGI and full job replacement - computers can think and act like humans, and AI can be 100 times better than humans at some tasks, but they have not yet transferred over to being able to do physical tasks in a significant way.
  • AIX is looking into automating the physical world. Robotics company Emancro is building general purpose hospital robots, and Beagle Tech is combining wine agriculture, computer vision, and AI.
  • After AI applications in the future of work, AIX’s next largest focus is healthcare, especially how to improve R&D for mechanical engineering.
    • Moonhub is an AI powered recruiter, serving as a gentle co-pilot.
    • Profluent Bio is an AI powered protein engineering company.


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