Notes from Andrea's presentation:

  • General Catalyst is a 20+ year old firm born out of Boston.
    • Portfolio companies include Hubspot, Stripe, Gitlab, Canva and AirBnB.
  • GC looks for great founder-market fit.
  • Andrea has a background at Amplitude and Lime.
  • Their firm aims to be agents of change.
  • Founder advice - Founders should figure out if their company is product or sales led. Looking at your end user can help you decide if you should go in a product led growth motion (like a self-serve freemium model), and sales led growth.
  • Founder-led sales are extremely important, especially for B2B companies. You only get one shot being in front of your largest key customers.
  • Founders can sometimes focus on growth before conviction about product direction.
  • Founder advice: Don’t contract your growth too early. Double down on and add fuel to existing channels that are already working.
  • Selling to SMBs is different than selling to enterprise. Allocate your time to the right customers.
  • GC does refences with their portfolio company’s customers, looking at the strength of their pain point, and how willing they are to pay to solve it.


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