Notes from Abie’s presentation:

  • “Venture capital is the only asset class where the asset chooses the investor.”
  • Venture is a people business. Founders are the lynchpin - you are what makes the venture wheel turn.
  • Abie shared his journey from NYU to UBS, Manrepeller, Drunk Elephant, and Lightspeed Ventures, before creating Centre Street Partners, which is in it’s first fund.
  • They write $200k to $500k checks, and can co-invest alongside others.
  • 40% of their fund is currently deployed.
  • They provide help building financial models, business development, design partners and more.
  • Abie shared a dilligence scorecard template, showing some things they look for in companies while doing due diligence.
    • Abie or his fellow GP Jonathan will travel to meet founders they’re highly interested in investing in.
  • Advice for founders: Front load your pitch deck with your idea, and how you will grow tremendously in the next 12-24 months. Don’t include more than 12 slides in your slide deck.


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